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Custom Interactive Data Reporting Systems ~ Your significantly different research partner.


  Data Tabulation


  Data Entry / Keypunch / Typing


  Open End Coding


President: Paul N. Mackiewicz

310-376-5074 ~


Vice President: Kenneth A. Hartley

310-376-5075 ~


Utilizing Paul and Ken’s 45+ years of combined experience in the Market Research Data Processing industry, CIDR Systems, Inc. provides its clients unmatched service, innovative ideas and top quality results in an exceptionally timely and cost effective fashion.


Paul or Ken personally manage every project ensuring incredibly fast and accurate results on even the most demanding studies. We’re not just “tab spec writers”, we’re bona fide IT specialists, each with Presidential Honors degrees in Computer Science who know the research business inside and out.


Find out for yourself why our clients entrust us with hundreds of their most critical projects every year.


Founded in 2000, CIDR Systems, Inc. continues to be America’s

premier “boutique” Market Research Data Processing company.


CIDR Systems, Inc. - Specializing in:


  Custom Software Development


  Custom Report Design


  Mail Survey Processing - In/Out